Job hunting is by no means an easy process. And given the tighter job market, you must be ready with the right strategy. Follow these 6 essential steps to boost your chances of landing your dream job.

1 — Do Your Research

Research is an essential part of your application process — it helps you (1) make an informed career decision, and (2) differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Spend some time thoroughly understanding the industry, the company, and the role. Points you must tackle through your research are industry structure, recent developments and issues, business model and structure, future prospects, desired attributes etc. Internet search…

It is a common misconception that having extensive prior internship experiences in finance is the only key to breaking into Investment Banking.


While prior internship experiences may indeed stand out on your CV and help you obtain first round interviews, in order to excel in the behavioural and competency interviews that follow — as well as during the internship — candidates need to be able to demonstrate passion, interest and drive, along with a strong grasp of soft skills. It is important for you to keep in mind that investment banks often have minimal expectations from interns, as most technical…

2020 has been an unprecedented year for many IB applicants — limited networking opportunities, virtual interviews, tightened headcounts, etc. Many of you have worked diligently in the past year, but due to the limited number of positions available, securing a 2021 internship has become very difficult to say the least. For those of you who haven’t secured an internship yet, plenty of opportunities still lie ahead of you — but you need to rationally evaluate all the options available to make the most optimal choice for yourself.

Should I apply for graduate roles?

For traditional competitive front-office roles in major investment banks, graduate roles are generally…

Whilst academic competence is often a bench-mark to demonstrate a sufficient understanding of the law, at the end of the day, grades are… well… only grades.

In an increasingly competitive market, more is often needed for students to differentiate themselves. Indeed, when we take a look at the core traits that firms are looking for — such as leadership, teamwork, resilience, integrity and communication — these traits are often independent from your academic ability. …

The Dragonfly team had conducted a survey asking incoming trainees what was the “most impactful trait” that enabled them to convert their vacation scheme into a trainee contract. Interviewees are asked to select 3 traits they felt were most impactful in converting a vacation scheme into a training contract.

It is important to note from the onset that the paper was written from the basis of quotes obtained through the survey. These quotes are not edited and are often unnuanced. …

Training Contract (“ TC”) and Vacation Scheme (“ VS “) season is upon us. Motivated students and graduates are preparing for their applications, interviews, assessments and tests. Everyone is dreaming about their preferred firms and there is excitement in the air. The unfortunate reality is that in Hong Kong, there are not enough TCs to go around for all hopeful students.

But what happens if you don’t get a TC or VS? What are your options?

While there are many — from gaining experience in a company as opposed to a law firm, doing volunteering work, honing your skills etc…

Whichever investment bank you choose to apply to, every applicant pool will have very competent people — you’re going to have people that studied at Ivy Leagues or top UK universities with previous investment banking internships and strong language abilities. Then you’re gonna have a few of the best of the best Mainland Chinese students from Tsinghua with 4.0 GPAs and strong technical skills. Although the people you are competing against are all strong, there are definitely ways to stand out because banks don’t just care about academic achievements and work experiences.

1. Know the Position and Firm You Are Applying For

Applying for an internship or position at an…

The recruiting process in APAC is relatively rigid and direct application is the preferred method, hence it being tougher to secure referrals, BUT….

The Potential payoff is incredible. Getting a senior salesperson/trader (Director-grade or above) or even a desk head to vouch for your candidacy and “put in a good word” with HR is an opportunity to land straight to the final round/Superday.

S&T is very much a people business. Having the fortitude and initiative to reach out to people and ask for advice, or learn more about the product they cover, is an incredibly valuable skill. …

1. General information

Most applications require — submission of a CV, cover letter, and a set of standardised questions from the firm. Ensure understanding of firm’s — strengths, notable deals, areas of practice and understand recent commercial issues relevant to practice area (e.g. blockchain, trade war, 5G, presidential election…).

Dates of application — generally open from October and end in January. Most firms are rolling basis so apply strategically.

2. The different types of law firms in HK

Split into three general categories — UK, US and local internationals.

3. Selecting the right firm for you

Look at your grades — some firms have a hard cut-off line i.e. Linklaters typically require 3.4 GPA or a high 2:1.


This guide contains content from Dragonfly’s first webinar — Breaking into Investment Banking in Hong Kong. Written by Dragonfly with the help of return offer holders from Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and Citi.

CV / Candidate Profile

More lenient language requirement -fluency in Mandarin is a plus, but command for the language is much less compared to IBD.

More lenient academic requirement — academics mostly only matter in CV-screening round; soft skills and personality fit are generally much more important.

No ‘ideal’ candidate profile — wide range of roles and product groups within S&T means each role requires different skill sets and personalities. The only free 1–1 mentorship platform helping students secure careers at Investment Banks and Law Firms in HK.

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